Chris, you gotta stop torturing these folk they’re doing all they can for you!

Thanks to dear friend Sharon for link re this vote of confidence from the Texas wing of the GOP social register. Chris, you gotta stop torturing these folk they’re doing all they can for you! (why do I keep hearing Carm to A.J. from season one of Sopranos, on day of kid’s confirmation, when she found him with some smokin’ weed in garage: ‘Can’t you even act like a Catholic for five fucking minutes!’ That’s not same as  Chris’s problem natch, but via analogy…on further reflection A.J, Chris, and A.J.’s late lamented dad share features aplenty).

And that’s what makes Chris so darn entertaining in the china shop: the blu-bloods know despite shenanigans he remains last best–Jersey!–hope to finally wrest back their party from the social– not ‘society’–cuckoos; fact is GWB (the man not the bridge) would be huge long-shot for nomination in current dispensation.

With daughter of 91 year old Fort Lee decedent in forgiving mode, Jersey funhouse is open for business. I had no idea til today that fall guy David Wildstein–Christie’s PA patronage plant-ee who Guv. now insists was his h. school classmate strictly in technical sense–was the Jersey politics blogger de plume ‘Wally Edge!’

Walter Edge was a lifelong spoilsman installed as NJ Gov. by Frank Hague on two occasions separated by decades. Hague overshadows all and is he enjoying this from, wherever…

See, not only was Hague wholly immune on religious grounds from being considered for ‘gentleman’ status (the most powerful political boss in U.S. history could never run for statewide office (Catholic thing; I know nobody believes it), he invoked his infallible authority to declare Jersey City “‘the most moralest’ place on earth.

Christie’s people come from Hague-land, but sounds like his old man made the conversion to GOP, an act of apostasy formerly viewed as endangerment to one’s eternal salvation. This was NOT all that long ago!

Chris was supposed to be the guy with crossover appeal, and he still may be.

Since we’ve been touting CaddyShack as the key text here, see where the PA employee in charge of GWB orange cone deployment was one Darcy Licorish: wasn’t her family members at Bushwood CC Back in the day?

GWB, Tom Kean Sr., good ol’ boy Haley Barbour,  and Judge Smails are clearly going to the mat at least one more time for Chris; message remains the same:

“You know, despite what happened, I’m still convinced that you have many fine qualities. I think you can still become a gentleman someday if you understand and abide by the rules of decent society.”

Easy for them to say…

Former George W. Bush Adviser: Chris Christie ‘Could Actually Benefit’ From Bridge Scandal

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1 thought on “Chris, you gotta stop torturing these folk they’re doing all they can for you!

  1. This is the beginning of a feast upon Christie’s political carcass that will continue for months. Personally, I am looking forward to loving every minute, because I hate this criminally corrupt sack of cess. The fact that so many of my fellow state citizens have loved this dissembler, prevaricator, and false actor makes his splat even more delicious.

    Of course, those who are determined to love him because he has been a “leading Republican” will defend him no matter what. That defense apparently consists of yelling, “IRS! Fast and Furious! BENGHAZI!!! Obummer! as loud as they can. But people in the middle, who had liked the version that was on television (and that Christie admitted he has worked so hard to project) are being turned off to the man, and fast.

    He’s been permitted to live in Mendham and have drinks with tem at the Black Horse Inn and the Essex Hunt only as long as he delivered. He can’t, so now they cut him off. You better believe that his former high-elite “”friends” are all telling each other tonight that they never really liked the fat kid from Newark anyway. He simply wasn’t their kind.

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