Chuck Berry…

Responded John Lennon, when asked to provide an alternate handle for ‘rock and roll.’ Now, If you pressed me for a two-word surrogate for ‘theology’ I’d likely offer up…Anne Lamott…especially at this moment in the semester, when a non theologian teaching the required first-year course is mighty grateful for a conversation starter the likes of Ms. Lamott’s ‘Traveling Mercies.’ She plies a spirituality of the ordinary, this avowedly ‘self-obsessed’ recovering person; always highly ‘relatable,’ as the kids like to say: funnier–as I like to say–than Therese of Lisieux, patron saint of us neurotics everywhere.

But not ‘shockingly’ funny, the smart money tab on cousin Bobby’s new show, premiering Tuesday the 8th, 9:30 on Fox. Bobby has lectured in my theology classes; he was winning and wicked good. Four decades and a half earlier–when Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bobby and Bobby and his brothers and sister did a southern stint–we took up positions, Irish Yankee kids amok on the Fredericksburg battleground.

Our immediate families both continually moved at cross-purposes, yet connected always we remained. Then finally we returned to No. Jersey while Bobby and gang was still down in Monmouth County (just across Rte. 36 from Kevin Smith’s Quik Stop of ‘Clerks’ infamy). Just as quickly did they relocate to LA. I visited in the summer of 73 via Continental Trailways, my original battered copy of ‘On the Road’ in hand frenzied coast to coast. Bobby went on to pitch against Daryl Strawberry and John Elway; later co-wrote ‘Wedding Crashers.’ Now see this:

Two words for ‘best comedy of the year.’


2 thoughts on “Chuck Berry…

  1. Hear hear on the theological vitality and contributions of Anne LaMott!

  2. I’m waiting someone in Hollywood to make a biopic about the first african-american rockstar and the father of rock n’ roll that goes by the likely name of Chuck Berry, why not used Chuck Berry’s own autobiography he had written about his life so everyone can captured the man himself, There’s one thing Chuck Berry was known to remembered is his own trademark doing the duckwalking routinee which did gained and helped influenced Michael Jackson when he does created his own moonwalking routinee, Don Cheadle, Jamie Foxx, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Welsey Snipes, Samuel L. Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Cederic the Entertainer or any black singing or acting performer should play him respectfully because Mos Def already played Chuck Berry in 2008’s Cadillac Records which he did a great job so I’m waiting for a real Chuck Berry biopic if only anyone would ask the real Chuck who will play him in a biopic by using his autobiography he had written back years ago in the late ‘1980s it will be great to see it happening, cross our fingers for a real Chuck Berry biopic all together now do the duck walk.

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