2010: The Year in [2] Pictures

Kazan, Corridan, Schulberg

That’s Budd, Pete, and Gadge (Kazan) on Pier 1, Hoboken set of On the Waterfront circa late November 1953. This image flashed across the TV screen years back in course of a moving documentary on the fatefully troubled relationship between Kazan and Arthur Miller. The gent wearing clerics went unidentified in the documentary: we knew who he was but had devil of time locating source of image, til finally it was traced to Kazan’s papers at Wesleyan. To me there was no Irish Waterfront book absent this image; mighty grateful for it. It opens up meaning-laden stories of mid-century U.S. culture like no other image I know.

Another perfect ride

That’s Charlie and his Dad: New Year’s Eve following 18 mile ride from tip to top of our favorite Jersey Shore barrier island. Happy Irish Waterfront New Year’s to all; everywhere your journeys find you.


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