Miracle on High Street and Environs

We’re currently en route to N. Ctrl Jersey from the University at Albany, where we presented the keynote address at ‘Researching New York,’ an annual event held at the State University of New York’s campus in that Capital City on the Hudson. I guesstimate this was the fortieth (or so) Irish Waterfront event witnessed since Labor Day book launch 2009 (and the furthest outside the Port Authority’s historic jurisdiction). Thanks to the good folks in Albany; thanks to all.

After speaking recently at the law school where our dear friend Rodger teaches, a colleague informed him that my tribute to Rodger—think I said our conversations activate ‘the better part of my brain’–made for said colleagues’ favorite moment in the presentation. I fully concur; thanks to all out on Long Island campus not far from Budd’s waterfront home and studio, where visitors were greeted by a framed image of Pete Corridan atop the stairwell entry.

My arms may suddenly windmill like a Pete Townshend sans guitar; I do trip over wires internal and external; I manically point out toward windows facing in the general direction of Hoboken—or not–expecting audiences to pick up on the cue. None of that matters; as the part-Irish, non-waterfront and ex-Catholic literary revival scion Wilfrid Sheed once affirmed in titling a novel: people will always be kind. Thank you.

Thanks to Maura and Tim from Bayside, where I walked into a church basement last week only to be embraced by their beloved community, a joyous gift in which we reveled for a night; the kind made possible via miracle work performed daily by Maura and Tim and others, namely Dr. Chew and Charlie the Gent.

As I indicated today in Albany when the bright high-ceilinged atrium light bleached the great movie’s screened images nearly beyond recognition: let’s not toy with this near-perfect work of art; I’ll do my solo best as a wholly imperfect, cognitively-different work in progress. Thanks.

And if you liked ‘On the Irish Waterfront’ you’ll surely love this much-graced new book. Thank you Tom McCabe.


2 thoughts on “Miracle on High Street and Environs

  1. I used to live in Newark NJ and while jogging in Branch Brook Park would see the uniformed lads of St. Benedict’s. The book looks interesting! I watched an amazing documentary last year about a Catholic high school in Jersey City which has an outstanding record for its basketball team. The film featured the coach. Sadly i can’t remember either the name of the movie or the school–but it was inspiring!!

  2. That would be Saint Anthony’s in Jersey City, home of the Hurley dynasty. Jane, I’ll always link Albany in memory to seeing you and meeting Brenda there, and the tremendously inspiring presentation you made together!

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