How I Spent My Summer Vocation

If the distance of ground covered via bicycle by Charlie and me since June 2010 was represented as a straight line on a map of the U.S., it would stretch from here in N. Ctrl. Jersey to a point somewhere west of the Grand Canyon. In Jersey reality all that mileage was burned up instead within Garden State counties of Hunterdon, Mercer, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Somerset and Union.
We biked beyond the equivalent of the Grand Canyon in near-silence (apart from some encouraging words and a song or few), a fact which anyone who knows me will find difficult to believe and—if true—perhaps more notable than Charlie’s feats of endurance and grace. We’ve grown accustomed to the latter. It took longer to recognize the value of elected silence in furthering the vocation shared by Charlie, Dr. Chew, and the Irishman: to live together in this world as it is, as we are. If not We are the World, then We are the (kinda differently) Wired; covering the waterfront as a tight team of three.

5 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer Vocation

  1. Jeanette J. Burke September 5, 2010 — 5:06 pm

    I am very touched, and inspired by your summer journey. What a gift, Charlie bestows upon his family and the world; I believe there’s an inner world in the silence of the world; that bridges the gap between ourselves & the universe, a gap that the Irish struggle to tap into for obvious reasons. It’s a true blessing to be in the moment among our loved ones, and nature simultaneously. Thanks for sharing, and Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine!
    My best Wishes,
    Jeanette J. Burke

    1. Thank you so much!; hope to be in touch again

  2. Left out the “i” because my keyboard went Zen on me this summer and the “i” doesn’t work right anymore. You have to push harder to keep it.

  3. Thank you!

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