Kenilworth (N.J.) Public Library; Monday (aka [last]tonight) March 22, 7 P.M.

Kenilworth is yet another fine bike-riding town: Charlie and I shared  a most excellent and memorable adventure through that borough in summer 2008 while Dr. Chew was away on a rare overnight speaking  engagement. Went so well that K. has since taken groups of college students to Greece on two occasions; newly returned from the latest journey, we find our tight team of three at full strength Plus, with Charlie’s beloved visiting PoPo and GongGong making possible additional joyous outings to share stories from the Irish Waterfront.

Sunday we were honored to march with insurgent leadership elements from ILA Locals 333 and 1588 in Bayonne’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Then it was on to a N. Ctrl Jersey locale high above sea level for delightful dinner and conversation on our favorite movie. We have been so blessed by just  such a wide spectrum of events on and off the waterfront, in the presence of old friends and new: from Sharon of Newark, met at our very first event in Soho; to Sean of Philly to Sean of Millburn; from  John of Stewart Manor to Carolina of PortSide New York back to John of Local 333. And many, many more, from Red Hook to Weehawken: warmest Irish waterfront wishes and thanks to all.


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