St. Paddy’s Day IrishWaterfront Greetings from Charlie the Gent


3 thoughts on “St. Paddy’s Day IrishWaterfront Greetings from Charlie the Gent

  1. A right handsome pair. Nice socks. Happy St. Pat’s to you!

  2. Thanks Emily! And so to you and family. Now for switch from Austin to Bayonne: John I’ll see you there Sunday will be an honor; left your business card in nyc office which is shuttered for spring break but will try to reach you; otherwise see you there!

  3. Bought your book on Sunday at B & N, Union Square. I love it.
    I love the talk about parishes. St. Bernard’s school, now Notre Dame High School, Guardian Angel where I went to mass about a year ago. so clean, so renovated. was it really gong to close in2007? and dear Xavier.

    I look forward to heaven where I will meet Father Pete Corridan.

    Your book reminds me of two books. Angela’s Ashes , a book that many Irish, especially Limerick people, say , how could that be written, it’s not true, it never happened. The other book is Blue Blood. The reason it reminds me of your book is that it, too, is so readable, can’t put it down. The author is a Regis graduate, Harvard graduate and New York City Cop, worked mostly in housing projects of Bronx, 149th St.

    Also reminds me of my girlfriend’s mother from Clare’s saying, ” Whatever you do, say nothing about you know what.” I thought it referred to 1916, but it could be the Waterfront.

    On April 8th I had my second cataract operation in a month. and it is wonderful to be reading your book on a Sunday evening, three days later.

    See you tonight at AIHS, and thanks for answering my phone call on Thursday.

    Rosemary Gould

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